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 When Paragon Real Estate Group launched in San Francisco, the founders knew they needed a riveting campaign that would attract the best and brightest agents to catapult them to the number one spot. Our solution focused on agents’ unique talents – as experienced realtors and intrepid individuals. Starring in one of these ads was on every new recruit’s wish list.
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Credit unions exist solely for the benefit of their members. With “First” in US First Credit Union’s name and “individual service” as their differentiator, “You First” was a natural hook that captured the attention, and the business, of prospects.
Geese, who mate for life, elegantly communicate the importance of long-term partnerships in this ad for Webango Corporation’s e-sourcing network.
This ad announcing Nokia’s presence in Novato’s Telecom Valley reflects the company’s commitment to innovative technology and the local community.
This first ad in a series communicates the importance of play while capturing the spirit of Gymboree’s gleeful clients.