Founded in 1985, Healy Communications is a strategic marketing agency specializing in brand positioning, naming and messaging. We also write, design and produce print and digital collateral, websites and advertising.

Our mission is to give your brand a compelling, authentic voice and the tools you need to consistently communicate your value across all channels. In a world filled with marketing noise, we make sure that you stand out.

• Strategic consulting and brand positioning
• Developing names, concepts, themes and taglines that advance your brand
• Writing, designing and producing persuasive print and digital materials
• Assisting foreign companies entering the American market

Our team of experienced, creative professionals work on a project basis under the direction of our principals. This flexible, low-overhead model lets us pick the best support staff for every project. Whether crafting big-picture marketing strategies or writing a product brochure, we always deliver fresh ideas, creatively executed in tight time frames. And we do it without the inflated prices of a big agency.

Big Fish
Big agencies need big-budget clients to support lots of people of varying skill levels. In their pond—let’s face it—you’re a minnow. At Healy Communications, every client benefits directly from the extensive marketing knowledge and experience of our principals. You’re always going to be a big fish in our pond, and we plan to keep it that way.