Selected Company and Product Names

fruition shadow 4 Fruition
What do you name a consulting group that helps budding philanthropists realize their vision of responsible giving and maximize their philanthropic impact? Attainment, accomplishment and the state of “bearing fruit” are all wrapped up in this one meaningful name.
 dynami Dynamai
Persistence Software chose this exciting and memorable name for its software product designed to cache dynamic Web content.
 speed SpeedLink
Nokia selected “SpeedLink” to underscore the rapid response time of its ATM/DSL system.
freal F’Real
Fun, memorable, and to the point, “F’Real” emphasizes the real fruit contained in these pre-packaged shakes and smoothies.
 pakana Pakana Corporation
This Hawaiian name, meaning “partner,” underlines the unique financial partnership Pakana offers B2B firms.
 ikanos Ikanos Communication
Velocity Communications chose the name “Ikanos” (“efficient” in Greek) to stress the efficiency of its telecommunications products.
 Evoke shadow 2 Axio
Evoke Software chose “Axio” (“basic truth” in Greek) to reposition its data profiling tool as an essential part of the enterprise information infrastructure.