Names and Taglines

What Makes a Great Name?
Morphemes, phonemes, and random permutations of esoteric constructs? We don’t think so. A great name has soul. It’s relevant to who you are and what you offer. It’s a name that means something to you and your customers. You won’t find it through methodical machinations. You don’t need a computer program that grinds up word parts and spits them out in thousands of meaningless combinations. You have to start by knowing who you are and what makes you different. That’s where we come in. You’ve got to go to that gray, mysterious place where creativity thrives and new ideas spring forth in unknowable, wondrous ways. Or you’ve got to find someone like Healy Communications who goes there on a regular basis and always comes back triumphant.

What We Do
Ask the right questions. Bring in an outside perspective. Challenge your assumptions. Define what makes you different. Focus on your value. Develop your naming criteria. Investigate global applications and implications. Help you resist the debilitating urge to please everybody. Deliver a short list of relevant, memorable names that will make you wish you could have more than one. Help you choose a winner. Charge a lot less than a big agency.

What We Don’t Do
Pontificate on the importance of inflated, contrived processes. Scramble word parts in a computerized blender. Spit out thousands of meaningless word combinations. Agree with you when we think you’re dead wrong. Tell you there’s only one right answer.